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Director Message

Welcome to VSR International School. As for Admissions, I wanted to share a few thoughts about our VSR International School and community.

VSR International School is a co-educational day school for children aged from 2.5 to 14 to 15 years old. VSR International School has aspired to provide an international quality education to the international community in Tisayanvilai, and continues to attract high caliber students and faculty.

Among the many anxieties that families face when contemplating a move to a new place is whether they will be able to find the right school for their children. They come from many different cultures with different ideas about education, and thus they all have unique expectations from a school.

I invite you to join us by exploring the VSR International School website as the primary source of information about our school. We have taken significant steps towards improvement and we will continue to do so in the months and years ahead. Our website includes an overview of our educational approach, including our mission, vision and information about our various programs.

While our website will certainly provide a glimpse into our school community, nothing compares to seeing and experiencing a school in person. As the Director I have an opportunity to see our outstanding programs and our mission in action every day, and I invite you to visit VSR International School and experience it for yourself, too. For scheduling purposes, we do require that you make an appointment prior to visit the school.

Our students have the opportunity to learn how to be independent and advocate for themselves, to develop a passion for a subject that is brand new to them, and to make lifelong friendships with students and faculty they otherwise might have not met. This experience will transform you; it will inspire your personal and intellectual development. And, since students also impact the evolution of the school, they will become better because of your active participation.

We want to help you discover what we think is the “Best school on the planet.” Call or email us with any questions that might arise.